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Sunday, January 22, 2006

2. Harry Hill's TV Burp

The best thing about Harry Hill is his tongue. It always seems to poke out and curl up a bit like Mike's parrot. This programme never fails to have any viewer in hysterics for the 20 minute duration, it is a small but perfectly-formed nugget of tv-soap-comedy gold.
As you all know, Harry Hill was formerly a GP and has a medicine degree and a string of failed marriages behind him. This makes me love the man even more, I repsect him for jacking in his prior job and venturing out on an occupation that has far more importance/worth in terms of putting something back into society. Why bother saving people's lives when you can make them laugh like this about NAIL BARS and THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT: FIGHT for what time they have left on this earth.?


At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Oli said...

as the great man would undoubtedly say:

tony blair: swivel chair
french poodle: apple strudel

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous George said...

A-ha! welcome oli.
did you catch the first of the new series yesterday?
it was sublime
the first half (before the break) was easily as good as any other episode of Burp, and to think i was worried he might not be on form.
Pretty Timeless Tomfoolery

At 5:26 AM, Blogger bob said...

Harry Hill : I love you


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