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Saturday, January 28, 2006

6. Campus 14

The Ark

(Holly?) Willoughby Hall

Sherwood Hall

Rutland Hall

Nightingale Hall

Derby Hall

Cavendish Hall

Ancaster Hall

So we didn't manage 14 bars in 4 hours, but we did do 9 in 3.5 hours and two big drinks in the last place.

Interesting Events:

  • 10 pints in 200 minutes
  • Scaling a tree
  • Scaling a fence
  • Hill-Rolling
  • Exposure (qua Library Nudity)
  • Bin-Diving

Over the course of the evening we managed to drink enough alcohol in a quick enough period of time to get us (me) stupidly silly. I'm not an aggressive drunk so i didn't get in any fights (although some hooped pink-tshirt clad chav in Derby Hall copped some eye violence from me due to his sniggery blinkered world-view outlook on shit) but we did do some "crazy shit". This included jumping on some wrought iron fencing and attempting ascent before a stocky security guard escorted us off the premises under the pretense of taking us to the nearest bar yet actually just showing us out a back door and locking it behing us. Oher stuff = going to bars that looked like scenes out of the TV version of "Cluedo", challenged (?) to expose myself to the Night Crowd in the cafe/computer room of the Hallward Library (sorry), noticing that there's another library on campus that i would like to have performed this grotesque act outside because it's called the George Green Library, climbing trees and star-gazing.

Up a tree (arm visible)

On "The Downs" (transit)


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Jules said...

I'm so proud of you George!! (And Matt as you were there also) I bet your liver hated you though.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Experience Sponge said...

yes it is i think, went partying the next night too which has put me out of commission for tonight more or less.

*matt completed 2 pints and 8x j20
*stomach ache (regrettable)

At 2:43 PM, Blogger bob said...

well done my son. george you are beautiful. also your handy informative links send wikishivers up my spine.

a crap rhyme:

A challenge completed,
Ne'r to be repeated.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous too much alcohol recently sponge said...

well thank you, i like this link business.
i recommend this sort of night out to anyone, a reeet laugh etc, but has the tendency to make you feel like death the next morning, in which case there's nothing like drinking it away with a party or such fa(yr)ir


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