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Sunday, February 05, 2006

10. Josh Homme

In my opinion, Josh is quite simply the ultimo riffmaster of the 90's: pioneering, original, cool, blues, metal, chugs, chucks, sexy, sleazy, raw, desert, cactus - these are all terms that I might apply to Josh Homme's guitar-playing.

People overlook the fact that Josh is only 32 now (2006) yet he has been churning out monlithic, stoner-heavy licktacious riffola since 1990, and his band Kyuss (named after a deity in cult board game "Dungeons and Dragons") are phenomenal (roll spliff, turn up full volume with mashed mates about, ignore the vocals, grab your surfboard and let the music sweep you away) stuff, and they were only around 91-96.

Josh, aged 18/19

Being able to conjure the riffs/arrangement that he manages to on "Blues For The Red Sun" (1992) at the age of 19 is representative of Josh's status as the Tony Iommi of the 1990's.

The thing is, I don't even like Queens Of The Stone Age that much (Rater R = spellbindingly good, though obviously not in the same way as Kyuss), but like the idea of the Queens direction: i think that evolution is music is what every musician should be aiming at (unless they set their stall out to be deliberately and wholly retro, this is acceptable, cf Backyard Babies), and respect goes out to Josh for this. Kyuss has a small (realistic) demographic, although more people really should get into them, purely on musical merit (musicianship), whereas Queens has a far wider target (receptive) audience and has had far more commerical (boo boo) success.
But Kyuss is where it's at.

Glastonbury 2002, Queens Of The Stone Age, yes i've seen this guy live (ie in this photo) and he was absolutely amazing, and in terms of creativity/originality/balls/presence made dave grohl on drums look like a run-of-the-mill don henley wannabe..

* I've heard lots of people say Josh irritates them, some say his face is provocative, others just can't hack that he's engaged to the beautiful Brody Dalle, others like to brand him as a desert stoner dirgeball (he'd probably appreciate such a moniker), i just call him God.

*Josh is also a multi-instrumentalist: guitar, bass (QOTSA first album, all basswork = Josh), drum (Eagles of Death Metal) etc etc

Where Josh is at his wig-out best (especially):
  • 50 Million Year Trip (Blues For The Red Sun)
  • One Inch Man (...And The Circus Leaves Town)
  • Spaceship Landing (...And The Circus Leaves Town) esp Mins 10.29 - 11.19 (close)

Contrary to popular (rumoured) belief, Josh is not the singer from mid-90's band Deep_Blue_Something, who had a hit with "Breakfast At Tiffany's" in 1996 (?)

Similar bands to Kyuss that you must listen to or preferably see live): Orange Goblin, Nebula


At 12:33 PM, Blogger bob said...

I know not who this man is.
But his ladyfriend has a very interesting voice and a particulary beautiful face.

Orange Goblin -> CD is scratched to fuck
Nebula -> CD is scratched to fuck


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous g said...

download Kyuss: "Blues For The Red Sun" album

she's like a punk rock angelina

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

I've never heard that Deep Blue Something rumour. That can't be real.

Are you sure you didn't just make that up to provoke confused responses like this?

(and if you did, then it's worked. Well done.)

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous g said...

no didnt make it up, registered rumour on the Josh Homme wikipedia entry

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Jules said...

G G G--- where is post 10?


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