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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

22. Laila Rouass

Married to Mustapha Hadji. Nuff said.

Friday, March 24, 2006

21. Live Music/Jasmine Lowsome

Having just secured 8 tickets (with the help of a super-special friend, thank you Chris I don't know how I will ever repay you) for a certain math-metal uber-group, I feel it's about time to "have a word" about what is surely one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences a (proper) person can have in life. *don't get me started on the whole "how can people not like music at all" discussion.

Before I start I might as well point out that it's pretty (see below) futile to try and articulate/put into words the effect that a mind-blowing concert can have on you, this is obvious. To be honest, I don't even think that you should try to describe it in words, but I haven't done anything on here for a while and was happy at getting tickets and just wanted to put up some fairly gratuitous pictures of whatever.
I wouldn't usually go in for the sweaty, congested surroundings of a stuffy, smokey venue frequented by tatooed pissheads, but it really doesn't matter when you're seeing band X. You'd start to notice the aforementioned negatives of the situation if you weren't ensconsed in the soundscapes of Tool, or Corgan, or Radiohead or Cavalera. In the end, sweaty men inevitably add to the situation.

Anyway, Jasmine..
I don't even find her that attractive, but I just saw the opportunity for a seamless segue (*cough BL would like that) to the initial thread
*2.04 Lateralus (Title Track): "As below, so above.." sounds precisey like "Jasmine Lowsome..."
Here are some pictures:

Monday, March 13, 2006

20. Diana Rigg

A fit Anne Bancroft perhaps, although watching clips from The Graduate last night (cf massive overratedness, though i do like that scene with Dustin on the lilo in the pool) i have to admit that i find anne rather attractive, in the 40-a-day waif-like alcoholic kind of a way.

I think Dianna Rigg as Emma Peel in the Avengers is possibly the fittest woman ever (joke, but she is hot), although outside of the Avengers no. She's got a bit of that whole 60's girl thing of long straight fluffy hair, drugs, big black eyelashes, that thing.

ps this is a response to Rob's "Fictional Ladies" thread

*we're having another house party on friday if anyone's interested

Sunday, March 12, 2006

19. Actors

Woah, you all know how much I like to whip up controversy based on subjective assertions of preference, well "The World's Greatest Actor" is a 4 hour programme tonight on Channel 4 (9-1) that I want you all to try and watch, to be honest it sounds like the most-easy-to-watch-programme ever (ass.). This'll be a good one because it's voted for by actors, so no ignorant public input (neg.). As such I'm going to take this opportunity to lavish praise upon my Top 10 actors of all time, see how may crop up tonight.

Disclaimer: sorry, but I'm going to be overlooking Olivier and such, just haven't seen enough films with them outside of school English classes that actually mean too much to me. Also, no actresses (misogynist? no)

Ok another disclaimer: some of these may have only made 2 or 3 good films, but these films and their portrayals have been so good (cf spot fucking on) that they warrant a certain inclusion

Top 10 for me (took a while to decide) in no particular order:
Christopher Lee (come on, Wicker Man, Man With Golden Gun, LOTR, Dracula)
John Travolta (sex on legs)
Bill Murray (wow, nuff respect, funny talented man - that new film looked a bit shit tho)
Robert de Niro ("They say genius' pick green Greg, but then you didn't pick it...")
Al Pacino (turned down the role of Hans Solo in Star Wars: bada-bing)
Michael Madsen (wow this man's good! seriously he is a demi-god)
Dennis Hopper (not just Speed: Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, Easy Rider, True Romance)
Harrison Ford (solly Bill)
Marlon Brando (great acting, plus he's screwed half of all actors/actresses ever)
Johnny Depp (I still don't know if he's made a bad film, or at least been in one where he's bad)

Christopher Walken
Oliver Reed
James Dean
Bruce Willis
Redford and Newman (just for Butch Cassidy {and Sneakers?})
Val Kilmer (love or hate The Doors film, he pulls off Jim very well, which I'm sure is something which we'd all like to do.. yes like that (tug.)
Sean Bean (no one does Northern grit better)
Tim Roth
Sean Penn

Ones People Will Say I've Forgotten
Kevin Spacey (he's good, but i prefer the films he's been in to him himself if that makes sense)
Dustin Hoffman (good in Straw Dogs but plays that Jewish card a bit too much for my liking)
Tom Cruise (fuck right off. yes jules he does look sexy in Magnolia, and his acting's good too there)
Nic Cage (wow i used to hate this chap's style, but after watching Adaptation i love the man - also Wild At Heart/Leaving Las Vegas)

this is getting to the point where i'm just listing famous rich people with a semblance of talent, so i'll stop, just watch the fucking programme and tick these fuckers off
oh nothing would make me more happy than all of you leaving your top 10 in the comments section

18. Daniel Dennett

Wow, where to start. Er the beard maybe? Everything about this man makes me feel like an intellectually stunted mongoose, this guy conjures up thoughts of a latter day Plato, what with his massively bushy facial hair and philosophical incline.

Dennett seems to me to have the right sort of values: an American (boo boo) who, having studied under Gilbert Ryle (woo woo ghosts) at Oxford, developed into some sort of Renaissance Ubermensch, ending up writing "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" (Recommended reading), reprazenting the neo-darwinian front like a bitch who makes Mr Dawkins (yay yay {snore}) look like one of those batties off an American religious hymn special programme thing (you remember, much like Songs Of Praise in concept, but in practise it isn't held in a little church, more likely a massive modern ampitheatre with Ikea wooden lecterns and lots of crazy religious nuts dressed in robes singing Hallefuckingluljah)

I haven't really told you that much about him, instead I'm trying to offer up a little tastette of what you can expect if you were to dip into Dennett. Consciousness, everyone would like that.

I've been informed that he'll be speaking on BBC Radio 4 at 9.00 am tomorrow morning, "Start The Week" programme, so motivate yourself to get up early for once (I wouldn't usually dream of waking up so early, unless i was either trying to buy tickets for certain anonymous (read gay) music festivals slash gigs stroke BBC breakfast with Natasha Kaplinsky before she got sent away to 6pm news) I know someone already knows how good the BBC radio service can be for little nuggets of philosophical inform (cf Melvyn Bragg {tool} on Wittgenstein was it?) sleep function anyone?
Today's Best Song Ever - "People Are Strange" The Doors

Saturday, March 11, 2006

17. Deal Or No Deal

I'm not typically all that partial to passing fads such as Su-Doku and the Kaiser Chiefs, but this programme is absolutely brilliant, although it took me a while to get into it, and get over my initial s((k)(c))epticism.
Noel Edmonds, who i'm usually inclined to regard as a bit of a tool, fulfils the role of bank-player go-between messenger boy very nicely, plus there's a good bit of sick banter going down between Noel and Harry
I think the game itself is awesome, anything that accomodates decision theory (pure) into its general format has got to be applauded, it makes my brain ache each time i watch it and try calculating probabilities, play the percentages.
Did anyone watch it tonight, Saturday, a hellishly camp Irish man was in the seat, and there was this sort of stomach-turning bawdy double-entendre ridden repartee between him and the audience (for example, "I'm going to go up the back {rows of the audience} now", followed by noel (sell-out?) and the others breaking out in paroxysms of batty mirth, i bet you have mate)
Disclaimer: i've only ever watched about 5 episodes of this, so my point isn't that it's a consistently good show, just that i appreciate the concept
Really Interesting
*by the way, anyone noticed how much Brett Anderson sounds like David Bowie (yes yes..snore)
** good news, hopefully Tool: "10,000 Days" should be coming out May 2 (www.toolband.com)
*** Managed Campus 14 last night, 13 pints and some tequila: dirty and not big or clever

Monday, March 06, 2006

16. Kula Shaker

Where to start? Everyone remembers Kula Shaker, everyone loved Kula Shaker, everyone knew how good Kula Shaker were, everyone wishes that they'd seen Kula Shaker live on the K tour, everyone knows that Kula Shaker were the most honest band in British rock at the time, everyone knows it's the Dialy Mail's fault for getting on Crispian's back when he said that for millions of Hindus the swastika is a symbol of peace.
Another reason for loving them is how much they sound like the Doors (musically) in places - cf Sound of Drums/Govinda intro for example
i bet not many of you know that Kula Shaker are reforming (minus Jay Darlington, keyboard bearded longhaired foot who tinkled the casio for Oasis a few times post-Kula) and set to play shows soon, non confirmed yet. who's up for seeing them?
"Gotta let it go because I got my stash
And I love my hash, yeah got my stash
Think I'll grow myself a big ol' hairy moustache"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

15. "Filthy Stoners"

There's not really much to say here, I think these guys would be a fairly predictable bet for things that make me happy. I classify this set as "Filthy Stoners" ironically, I don't enjoy or endorse any attempts at pigeonholing/labelling such GREAT people.
If you aren't in the picture then it's because I don't think your life is sufficiently dominated by weed-culture (this is probably a good thing) or beacuse I've forgotten you (this is probably a bad thing)
In essence this post is for all you spliff-rolling, bong-packing sponge legends.
Don't give up the day job.
I love you.