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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

66. Evil Empire

Simply put, the best Rage album. I'll qualify this by saying that I think it's my favourite album to listen to nowadays if I have to put a RATM record on, since Self-Titled, however amazing/ground-breaking/riff-crunching/politico/revolutionary/funky/angry/danceable it was, is very hard for me to listen to today unless I'm in a certain state of mind whereby I manage to get it so it's like listening to the songs for the first time again. Apart from that the singles are hideously overplayed, however great they are. Battle of LA was good, especially Maria (and M-M-M-M Mic Check M-M-M-Mic Che-Che-Check), but it's so messy I can't call it a great album. Renegades was a great album, then i listened to it too much and now it's only alright, too much filler, but there's some litttle gems on there ("Maggie's Farm"/"Ghost of Tom Joad").

Evil Empire, however, is a deceptively good album, since it fuses/blends far more genres and incorporates far more wide-reaching influences than any of the other records. You can see a big Hendrix influence. And this album sounds a lot like At The Drive In in places too, massive influence on them. Year of The Boomerang is such a tune. Check it out and down let anyone tell you it's shit just because "it's nowhere near as ground-breaking or relevant as the first". Musically it harks back to a time of great music, 60's with Timmy's phat bass licks.


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Jules said...

The Battle Of Los Angeles...(is my personal numner 1)

At 5:13 AM, Anonymous g said...

in my opinion the worst (by far) but each to their own.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Jules said...

Yeah, magnolia etc.


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