What I Love About The World

Friday, May 26, 2006

91. Finishing one's university degree forever, then getting "caned/Wasted/battered/lean" ad infinitum &making little games based on channel 4 tv shows

Yes: we present "Spiel or No Spiel" to you, a game in which you have a prime opportunity to squander several hours of your meagre existence by first crafting this pursuit and then "getting into" allocated roles of Contestant, Banker, Non-competing Gameplayer, and Noel. It is fun to see how you would play the game, what with the false science, the blind conjecture, the cheesy oneliners and so on. Enormous Credit must got to Matt for the original idea, I added the nuances and the aesthetics, and thankyou to Hayley for opening boxes and making offers. We're planning to play in the garden with 22 contestants, a presenter, a banker, and an 'independent adjudicator' ("Before we start a little bit of housekeeping"), and a rooftop audience if numbers will stretch to that. What with sunset, garden flares, camcorder, authetic 'Deal or No Deal" music and marijuana, this could make for a potentially life-changing experience. Jokes
Matt in his best Noel Edmunds apparel

We still need to colour the boxes in

My mementos. Some cigarettes, a photo and Pocket Kings

These have to be coloured red and blue

Spiel or No Spiel


"Sticky Jacks"

Fabio's marvellous "Why I'm Like Kant But With A Better Social Life" speech

"Here's Johnny (or Gav)"

"Whitey" (©Mike Skinner Dicsktock 2002) R.I.P (1994-2006)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

90. Lordi

Eurovision is usually brass, and I hate it and everything it stands for, but this year something very special happened. A band that have been together for fifteen years and who haven't formed just on a commercial whim won! and they were great! Scandanavian Slipknot crossed with Europe, cheesy song, but fantastic rock poses, throwing some horns, and poking some sneaky tongues out all over the shop (though not in cheek apparently - they do this for a living). High-pitched backing vocals, Torn-esque contact lenses and just pure theatre made this a perfect visual spectacle. They deserved it.

Video is available here!

Hard Rock Hallelujah!Hard Rock Hallelujah!The saints are crippledOn this sinners' nightLost are the lambs with no guiding lightThe walls come down like thunderThe rocks about to rollIt's The ArockalypseNow bare your soulAll we need is lightningWith power and mightStriking down the prophets of falseAs the moon is risingGive us the signNow let us rise up in aweRock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahDemons and angels all in one have arrivedRock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahIn God's creation supernatural highThe true believersThou shall be savedBrothers and sisters keep strong in the faithOn the day of RockoningIt's who dares, winsYou will see the jokers soon'll be the new kingsAll we need is lightningWith power and mightStriking down the prophets of falseAs the moon is risingGive us the signNow let us rise up in aweRock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahDemons and angels all in one have arrivedRock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahIn God's creation supernatural highWings on my backI got horns on my headMy fangs are sharpAnd my eyes are redNot quite an angelThe one that fellNow choose to join us or go straight to HellHard Rock Hallelujah!Hard Rock Hallelujah!Hard Rock Hallelujah!Hard Rock Hallelujah!Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahDemons and angels all in one have arrivedRock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock HallelujahIn God's creation supernatural highHard Rock Hallelujah!

Friday, May 19, 2006

89. eels

what can i say? they produce the most uplifting-sounding songs about family deaths ever. Quite simply the best driving music around

Thursday, May 18, 2006

88. Another Roadside Attraction

A wonderful book. One for all of you philosophically-minded, dope-smoking, iconoclastic peaceniks

87. Fruity Triumvirate: The Holy Three of Vitamin C

The ultimate - one of these little fellas on its own contains the recommended daily intake of Vit C

Yes pink grapefruit IS amazing, half of one of these each morning will keep you square (too sharp for some, not me)

I'm fed up of being asked what colour this is as a security question on certain people's websites..
The Court Jester:

The Black Sheep of The Family:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

86. The Clash - The Clash

Yes this album. If you haven't got it buy it, rip it or download it. That's all.


I'm usually a massive critic of 'brits abroad' and their general conduct, but I can excuse driving through little seaside towns in Brittany pumping "White_Riot" and "London's Burning" out of your shitty Opel Corsa hire car at max vol because it's pretty liberating and, for once, makes you proud to be English (a rare case)

wake up luv' itz tha Clash

Monday, May 15, 2006

85. The Raccoons

Yeah, mini-hypothesis: Cyril Sneer is an evil purple hybrid of Keith from Eastenders and Irene from Home & Away (sorry to isolate non-soap fans)

http://www.retrojunk.com/details_theme/88/ - watch the opening 57 seconds of a Raccons episode, complete with theme song

When darkness falls,

Leaving shadows in the night,

Don't be afraid,

Wipe that fear from your eyes.

If a desperate love,

Keeps on driving you wrong,

Don't be afraid,

You're not alone.

(Chorus):You can run with us!We got everything you need.Run with us!We are free.Come with us!I see passion in your eyes.Run with us!

When the cold wind blows,

Turn your collar to the cold.

Don't be ashamed,I

f you need someone to hold.

If you're sinking in quicksand, (quicksand),

And it's dragging you down,

And you feel you're going under,

We'll be around!

(Chorus, then small instrumental break).

When you're behind closed doors,

All alone, by yourself,

And you're longing inside,

To be somebody else;

You pick up the telephone,

And there's no one on the line.

Don't be afraid.

'Cause there's still time.(Chorus twice then instrumental fade out).

84. Flimbo's Quest/Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

Yass yass: "proper old skool" Commodore-64 games, my two personal favourites, Flimbo's especially. I always preffered the C-64 to the Amiga, which everyone had. You had the tapes which you had to rewind...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

83. Arrogance

Pretentious, moi?

Well, I have just signed up for this facebook(www.facebook.com) malarkey, strenuous: there are so many people i could search for in the hope of finding incriminating photos and pretentious profile entries, but just one springs to mind, I may have mentioned him before, former KEGs musician J***es Hughes. Well, needless to say, his facebook entry is splendid, rife with sleazy photos, here are some samples

I think it's equivalent to this sort of narcissism

Friday, May 12, 2006

82. Maldon

First place in Britain to have a Tesco. And that Beowulf story. The Battle Of Maldon. Maldon Sea Salt. My house. Wimpy.
yeah the quay is amazing, any water/coast is good in my book, but especially here, shame about all the new houses being built, can't they do that in Chelmsford or Baddow or South Woodham or something. oh and the chavs are "Batty"

lots of memories: "Oh look it's Rob and Bernie" (and Bernard behind the wheel)

just like Eastenders really

81. Mezmerize

A really grower. Dug this little gem out for the first time in a few months, improves with every listen and i think i now (far?) prefer it to Hypnotize

80. The Tribe

Anyone else remember this Kiwi-post-apocalyptic-teen-drama on Channel 5?
It was full of teenagers with cool face paint and drawn on beards (see above) living on the streets (in an abandoned "mall") going around on skateboards, and going on little trips round the city fighting evil people on roller blades with weird stumpy horns.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

79. Heartbreak High..

...and especially that Abi Tucker fixation thing

Bit of Yola for ya Bill (remember?)

Con, what a (ratbag) legend

Coolest dude ever? George Poulos - Good name

oh yes abi tucker and co

boring couple, but i remember her seeing Nick behind this chap's back (in the garden centre??)

Nick and Jodie (darn those stupid recording contracts, the end of a beautiful relationship)

he's one for those of you (matt/skinner) who like the generic, blonde/Minoguean Antipodean beach chick: the beautiful Anita

and of course Drazic, who, along with Dennis, was pretty cool