What I Love About The World

Monday, July 10, 2006

93. Recycling Books - http://www.greenmetropolis.com

Alright geezers, haven't posted for a while. My mum's just alerted my attention to this absolutely blilliant site which is essentially an online bookshop but has the built-in attraction of recycling books (ie you can list your books for sale on their site, then if someone is browsing and likes the llok of your book, they'll click "Buy" then you post it to them). Every book on the site costs £3.75 and delivery is free, meaning no more trawling round charity shops and cheap secondhand bookshops (even though I live for this) if you don't want to. Their collection is extensive, type in "kerouac" or "notes from the underground" or "glass bead game" or just anything that youve been after for a while and it'll be there, less than four quid away from your door. If youve got any books you want to sell the site will give you £3 for any book, but you have to deduct 50p-90p from that since you're required to post the book to the buyer....

Also this means that there is no excuse for Oli or Rob not to read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (here) asap..

Bill mate I'm just off to pick myself up a copy of the immoralist, probably in slightly better condition than that one you've got (no value statements here)